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I was attempting this pattern: http://mimbles.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Birka-strapwork.pdf

Which is always a struggle for me to get started on the patterning correctly. This time I thought I was there, with the pattern forming on the underside. Wasn't until I had put in 2 inches that I realized I had formed a different pattern, more like brickwork than strapwork.

Birka "brickwork" tablet weaving in progress

In hopes that I (or someone else) can recreate it someday, here's what I did:

Follow the linked pattern, with the 1st card on the left on the loom, and the 28th card on the right. S-threaded cards are tied behind the card. Z-threaded cards are tied in front of the card. Flip all cards so they are facing the other way. Turn the cards until the A/D side (blue edge on the Palmer cards) is uppermost. Begin pattern.

Is this replicable? *shrug*. Search me.
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This post will be SUPER BORING to anyone but me. I was reading my AoA scroll last night, realizing how utterly wrong the text was. It said I had been playing in the SCA since 1992. Lol. No. So I hit the wayback machine in my brain and began attempting to reconstruct my past. With a brain like a stainless steel sieve, that isn't as easy as you might think. So I record it here for my posterity.

I first started playing in the SCA in the Canton of Tear-Sea's Shore. I've been trying to remember exactly when. I was part of House Ellenar, headed by Lord John Emeris of Ellenar. It was summer, but I can't quite recall if it was before or after my year in Scotland. I had thought it might be summer of 1980, but House Ellenar wasn't registered until Dec. '80, according to the OandA (oanda.sca.org), so it must have been later than that. Either summer of '81 or summer of '82, then. My closest compatriot was Carolyn Broughton, with whom I have lost touch completely. *sadface* One of the things I love about the Society is how fully involved & engaged we remain. John Emeris is still playing, as is William MacNaughton, who I'm pretty sure I introduced to the game. Mistress Megara, who made our enameled house medallions, which I treasure & still wear, also appears to be active.

In the fall of '84, I moved to the Barony of Black Diamond. My closest compatriots in the game then (Kimberly & Paul) are not still playing, however, one of the people I knew then is now a fellow member of my current province. He and his wife are very active in the Society.

Fall of '86, I moved to the Barony of the Steppes. I was super busy at work (100 hour weeks!! yes, I was that idiot), and not as involved as I would have liked to be locally, but found my outlet online on rec.org.sca. My memories of the time are super fuzzy, lol, but I have very fond memories of Wulfy & Jill. Very, very fond. Further deponent sayeth not. :-).

In the spring of 1991, I moved to the NYC area, into the Crown Province of Ostgardr. Arval Benicoeur, then Brigantia herald, who I knew from rec.org.sca, was extremely generous with his time and local knowledge, helping me find my bearings in this overwhelmingly new environment. He drove me around Westchester to orient me to the neighborhoods, and introduced me to the Penny Saver -- like the Village Voice ads, the Penny Saver was how we exchanged goods, services & cheap rentals pre-craigslist. I lived in an attic in Mount Kisco for 6 months before scoring a studio in Riverdale for the next year. Most of my involvement in these early years was hanging out in Arval's living room, reading heraldic submissions & doing name research & device conflict checking. I was inspired by example to register my own name and device (this is perhaps whence the 1992 date in the text of my AoA scroll derived).

A job change found me in NJ, so I moved there, into the super welcoming and active Shire of Rusted Woodlands, where super-hospitable Joel & his wife Gail hosted many local activities and dear friends Edie, Erik, other Eric & Little Tom gladdened my days and relieved some of my crippling depression. I'm afraid I wasn't a great friend to them, see depression. Several friends from this time (1992-1994) are still very active though I have not seen them in ages (except at Pennsic, where I keep running into other Eric).

'94-'95 was a very difficult year for me. My thyroid had gone into overdrive, my body was eating itself, and I was physically, emotionally & financially exhausted. I moved into Vinegar Hill (aka, Dumbo, directly under the Manhattan Bridge overpass) and then out to Sunset Park, renting a room in a basement from a dear friend's grandmother. Huddled into a recuperative shell, I was not up for reaching out to the locals. rec.org.sca continued to be a great comfort during this time. In fact, HOLY CRAP! I just found a conversation between me & a current dear friend from 21 years ago!!! In that group! Internet is awesome!

By 1996 things were looking up for me. I had (mostly) recuperated and was ready to tackle the world again. So of course I threw myself into the dot.com boom, lol. How can that possibly be 20 years ago?! I moved into the Canton of Whyt Whey, where I lived for the next decade, followed by a brief sojourn in Brokenbridge, and then back to Whyt Whey, huzzah! I somehow failed to connect with the local groups until moving back into Whyt Whey in 2007(?), and hooking up with the SingThing chorus. Bit by bit, I was sucked back into playing locally. When the founder & director of SingThing moved out of the area, I took over leadership of the group. We morphed into a more general A&S evening. I became the local A&S minister for several years, hosting an A&S evening twice a month, and then handed over that responsibility to another supremely talented local, taking on the jobs of both seneschal and webminister.

Even as my local playing ebbed, I continued to attend Pennsic, a massive yearly camping event in western PA. From camping in a teensy modern tent in singles camping, and buying my food from vendors (some years subsisting primarily on chocolate milk from the camp store) to taking over a hill in the northern blocks across from the Tuchux with a ginormous canvas bender built by my partner-in-crime-and-life, Pennsic has been such a rewarding, ever-changing constant, keeping me connected to the Dream as my life circumstances have changed.
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Restaurant review: A.

Biscuits recommended. I never do that. Focaccia-like buttery crumbly slabs with a gentle crust. Maple butter and honey, tops.

Deviled eggs clean & light, with a deft crunch (mustard grains in honey?), whipped yolk, easy on the additive. No picture because WE ATED IT!!

Stellar lemonade -- mostly lemon, not too sweet, not oily or bitter. Re-ordered!

Special! Pumpkin chocolate chip biscuit French toast. A+. Fresh chunks sautéed sweet pumpkin over chocolate chip infused biscuit toast. Texturally perfect.

Shrimp and bacon grits. D-. Mushy, bland grits. Burned bacon & shrimp. Generic spiced grill rub. Heads (ugh!) and tails left on to shrimp in grits, yuk.

Service was TERRIBLE! We got paged to come back for our table, at the promised hour. On arrival, were told, oops, sorry, please wait. Multiple other tables seated before they finally found a spot for us, another 20? minutes later. Watched the table next to us order. She requested the pancakes. "Chicken and pancakes?" asked the waitress. "No, the banana pancakes special." "Ok." *wait* Busboy brings chicken & pancakes. On being told that's not what she ordered, he takes it away. *wait* *wait* *wait* *wait* *wait* As we left, the dining partner was getting up to go make a fuss on her behalf.

Jacob's Pickles, 509 Amsterdam (at 85th St.), Manhattan. Recommended! Will return. (Don't get the shrimp & grits!!! Expect errors.)
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So, I am in charge of producing gingerbread house making materials, for tomorrow night, FOR MY IN-LAWS!!! Help me, Obi Wan Social Media, you're my only hope!

Who has made a tasty gingerbread house, and what recipe would you recommend!??!?
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Making of a list of people who need wrist warmers, ordered by latitude (Nuala, Allison, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Julia, Lorre, Nicole, Tempest, Joanna). They're small, and easy to lose, so if you need another pair, or if you want to be added to the list because your wrists are colder than I've realized (Debbie? Charlotte? betsy? BC?), please comment or email.
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Dear friends, please join me in Union Square at 7pm today, to participate in a National Moment of Silence to honor victims of police brutality, including Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO. Wear a red ribbon on your right arm.






If you are not local to me, but are in the US, please check the Facebook page above for a vigil near you.
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Ok, this has been super-weird and outside of my experience entirely, so I turn to you, my friends, to crowd-source hypotheses & remedies.

This weekend, I had a MASSIVE attack of vertigo. My first. Please goddess, my last. WHY!?!?

Top theory is dehydration. It's the first thing everyone said to me, and is also what Mr. Google thinks is the prime cause.

Sequence of events:

Super-long bike ride on Saturday. 40 miles? With a lunch break and several drink pauses. Plenty of water, lemonade & a cafe latte over lunch. Saturday night, slept in Mr. X's bed instead of mine (the whole reason for the Saturday bike ride was the excruciating pain my own bed threw me into Friday night, the first night back from 10 days cabin-camping [with a/c, ha ha!] in the semi-tropics of SC). Shortly after I lay down, my head started spinning. Like WHOA. I figured I was tired & would sleep it off.

However, in the morning, I couldn't walk straight. I could barely make it down the hallway (yay, narrow hallways with supportive walls!), and almost fell over trying to pee. Spent all of Sunday slamming water & watery fruits and salt & protein. By Sunday evening, I was down to a positional vertigo (new term I just learned from [personal profile] annaoj), with mild spinning when I tried to walk, and the world going WHEE! when I looked down or up or tilted my head. I added a sloping pillow to the bed I was in, to keep my head elevated (I *SWEAR* the head of that bed is lower than the foot).

Monday morning, same feeling. I took the subway in to work instead of biking because I was afraid I might fall over, and felt super precarious going downstairs & walking along the platform. After work Monday, I found the bike I thought I'd lost (forgot where I parked it, lol), and rode home because I was less vertiginous (no, wait, that word doesn't mean that.... um?) and biking seemed safe.

Middle of the night, I awoke with intestinal cramps & pain. Pooped out EVERYTHING, with massive amounts of liquidity (presumably All That Water?). While sitting there, was also flooded with MASSIVE SWEAT! As in, I have NEVER SWEATED THAT MUCH IN MY LIFE!! Pools, streams, dripping all over. Had to grab a towel & mop myself as I sat there because OMG All The Sweat. Showered.

No more vertigo. Not even a little bit.

So. What the Fuck!??! Any ideas? Has this happened to you? How long did it last, what triggered it, and what, if anything, made it go away? Do you get dehydrated? What does dehydration feel like? Anything else spring to mind? GEEK ANSWER SYNDROME PLEASE!! GAS ME, BABY!
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Working my way through my samples stash. Tory Burch (eponymous perfume). Advertised with many things I like: 'Neroli, Grapefruit, Cassis, Bergamot, Peony, Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac, Vetiver, Sandalwood" [ http://www.toryburch.com/tory-burch-edp-30-ml-%2F-1floz-%7C-no-color-%7C-000/022548295724.html ]. And maybe on full meld all will be well. First spray & dry-down, though? Smells like middle-aged woman. And regret. Generic. If I ride the subway today, they'll all move away from me on the group W bench.

Update, stardate the next day: NYers are grateful I rode my bike all day. No enclosed spaces. Windows open at the office. At no point in the day did I find myself sniffing my wrist. Eventually I stopped flinching away from my pulse points.

So, um, anyone care for a Tory Burch sample? I have one going wanting...
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Oh, man, the knock-down drag=outs my dad and I would have had if he had lived. Er, I mean that figuratively. Passionate debates. Possibly with raised voices. Definitely with intensity. And email. Heh. But some at dinner table, no doubt.

He's not around, so I get to fight with my uncle instead. Here's our most recent interchange. I'll start with my response:

Hey, Xxx, you know why that's not funny? The joke you forwarded relies for its humor on the truth that women don't hurt men. Turning it around so that women are violent is only funny because men are violent. If men were peaceful there'd be no joke there at all -- just a giant huh? 1/3 of women globally have been assaulted by their partner or sexually assaulted by a non-partner.

That 1/3 of women globally translates to within your family, as well, by the way. You are sending this joke to women who have been hurt by men, and have had reason to be physically afraid of them. I was first assaulted -- on a quiet residential street -- when I was 16. Self-defense doesn't work, by the way -- even against a guy who is smaller than you are. Harsh lesson. Fortunately screaming was both possible and effective, for me in that case. Not so lucky for others of your female relatives to whom you have mailed this, whose personal narratives are theirs to share if they chose. You might ponder on why they haven't shared them with you.

One of the reasons I chose my husband as my partner is because he is the most non-violent person I have ever met. Not only do I know he would never hurt me, I know he never has the urge to. A welcome respite from the rest of the world, in which I am directly threatened with violence by men approximately once a year. This year was 2 days ago, when a very drunk man got up in my face and threatened to punch me while I was trying to swipe my way into the subway. Last year was in the summer, when I was riding my bike along the greenway, and some man ran at me and tried to grab my handlebars. 2 years ago I forget. 3 years ago was the man with a woman in a chokehold, dragging her across the street in front of me, who grabbed my handlebars and threatened to punch me when I braked, while the whole neighborhood looked on aghast.

Need I go on? Violence against women is part of the fabric of my existence. And I really don't need to be reminded that it's just an abstract joke to you.

And spare you the forwarded joke. )

He'd (wisely) used a BCC: list, so I couldn't tell who else might have been included. But figured I might as well go in swinging, and added my sister, my mom, my niece and 2 aunts to my CC: list. So pleased I did! A(n unexpected) positive response from an aunt. I look forward to furthering our acquaintance. ;-).
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Sometimes, magazines make it crystal clear that I am not their target audience. Take this most recent issue of Bicycling magazine (which I thought I canceled last month, hmmm).

Cover headline: LEANER FASTER STRONGER: A simple plan to get fit and trigger warning ). Oookay. Actively offensive.

Next below headline: Our Favorite New Helmets. I have become anti-helmet for adults, the more I've ridden & read helmet studies. And my scalp infection from my helmet sweat is FINALLY gone. So, no.

BMX Skills for Road Riders. Unlikely.
How NOT to ride your first fondo. Okay, maybe something of interest there, because long miles good, but we still have that racing emphasis.
Master the art of the paceline. Fuck no. Racing BORING.

And, down at the bottom, *SMUG ALERT*!! we have EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Why Cycling Makes You Smarter and Less Stressed. Oh dear.

Flip to the back cover. A *car* ad. "Light is might." Um. Oooookay.

Inside cover. An ad for a bike part I can't identify. Shifters? There's a line pointing to something identified as a brake lever. And they use words like front derailleur in the copy.

Next up is a two-page ad spread for the Tour of Utah. A long-distance race. "Beautiful agony." Hell to the NO. *flip*

Ah! Table of contents. I might enjoy... a comment on bike share, a guide to biking in Detroit, Heidi Swift's Joy Ride column, gear articles on handlebar & rain jacket. Out of 28 items listed with descriptions, I am drawn to 5. That's just not a good ratio. Though I will miss Heidi's column.

Next up? An ad from Specialized, that starts "Remember the 70s?" Yes! I cry, thinking fondly back. It goes on, "Yeah, neither do we." Um, wow. Nice copy for your 40th anniversary ad.

So let's address those 5 items:

1. bike share. No new info.

2. biking Detroit: *GOLD STAR* at least from me, who's never visited. (Should remedy.) 2 pages with places to rent (Wheelhouse Detroit), repair (The Hub of Detroit), eat (Avalon Int'l Breads) & ride (16-mile loops incl. Belle Isle park & Dequindre cut), and local groups & events (Slow Roll, Tour de Troit, Bike the Bridge, ...).

3. Heidi Swift's column -- OMG that was awesome! You should all go read it. It'll show up here eventually. "Angels". Paying respect to life via biking through a cemetery.

4. gear: handlebar. Ah. As anticipated, all about drop bars. Moving on...

5. gear: rain jacket. Much more basic than anticipated. No new info.

Total: 2 items I enjoyed. Defensive reading deployed (flipped directly to page numbers to avoid blood pressure surges from browsing other articles & ad copy; not entirely successful as is hard to flip directly). Experience insufficiently rewarding. (Although complaining about it afterwards has been great! Thanks for listening.)

Takeaway: if *YOU* like racing, road-biking, spandex, helmets, clip pedals, drop bars, super fuel food, etc., then this is THE magazine in its category for you.

If you are into sitting upright, chain guards, fenders, baskets, panniers, eating regular food, and super-long bike rides, allow me to a) ask What do you read!?! and b) recommend Adventure Cycling as being relevant to your interests.


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