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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 09:50am on 04/04/2014
I have a mind like a steel sieve -- it traps all the wrong things, and lets the good stuff wash on through. For instance, I am never forget the baby blanket I made for A's daughter L, which serves as a chair pad for me, because, um, well, washing & blocking turned into accidental fulling. Or the red lace (feather-and-fan) hat and scarf I made for R(ED)... that the Post Offal lost. And then there's yesterday's story, LOL.

Aside from my infant-level of object permanence awareness, you just never know what will touch a person. I've been meaning to send a(nother) thank-you note -- an anniversary thank-you note -- to one of my mother's dear friends, with a photo of the tea caddy she gave me at high school graduation. Which I still use for my favorite tea, and which brings back memories of her & home & her kids &&&& every time I see it / touch it / use it.

So, here I am to ask -- have I made you something? Do you still have it? Do you like it? Can you post a picture of it in my comments here <needy>(so I can be reminded in the 4-am barometric-pressure-crashing hours that I don't completely & entirely suck as an artist & a friend & a generally sort of decent human being)</needy>?
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 09:51am on 03/04/2014
I honestly can't decide which story is funnier, so will tell both. Amplectere potestem 'et'!

Story 1:

This morning, my sister chatted me a pic (we'd been trying to figure out how to do that; I still haven't managed it in my app). Of her wearing a LOVELY bracelet. I was much struck by its beauty and chatted back "How pretty." "Handmade from silver wire by a masterworker." "Impressive."

An hour later, I realize -- I fucking made that bracelet for her. *dies of LOL* *scrolls back through chat conversation* *DIES OF LOL*

Yes, this is EXACTLY like when I'm reading an old Usenet post, marveling at the writer's insight & wording.... and then read my .sig. Narcissus much? LOL.

Story 2:

Monday morning, in the course of shopping for new rainboots (embarrassing social failure story embedded there -- canceled theatre plans on Saturday with friends from out of town ... because I couldn't keep my feet dry), I bought the tote for which I've been obsessively shopping for weeks. Drop handles, open top, zippered center compartment for airbook. Carrying it on the subway this morning for the first time (home for Reasons, and back home again now because still sick), I look across the aisle, and spot *4* open-topped totes with drop handles, similar size & construction. It's the Michael Kors bag that EVERYONE is carrying. I LOL at the sudden rush of OMG I succumbed to peer pressure that I didn't even know was there! I look like everyone else! I look up and down the car, and, sure enough, this is THE bag.

So, we arrive at school for drop-off, a bit early, and are hanging out with some other parents near the classroom door. I notice a fellow mom's open-topped, drop-handle tote, and start laughing. Explain why, up to the punch line of "I succumbed to peer pressure I didn't even realize was there!"

At which point I am SO busted by another mom. Who points out, "Oh, but no, it's okay -- yours is flowered."

*falls over and DIES* because omg she is SO right. THE tote is color-blocked, single-color, or MK monogrammed. I did all that obsessive shopping & Internet browsing for weeks because I was determined to find a spring-flowered version of this tote. Outlier! And notice how she was reassuring me? OMG, busted.

P.S. Thank you, Nine West and DSW, for saving me from myself! $50 for a flowered tote & pouch is WAY better than the $400 models I was drooling over. http://www.dsw.com/shoe/nine+west+floral+tote?prodId=302920
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 04:37pm on 17/03/2014

  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow?
  • tent, stakes, footprint
  • map
  • zip stove
  • saw, lighter, firestarter
  • cooking equipment (kettle, pot, knife)
  • eating equipment (bowl, cup, spork)
  • food (oatmeal, coffee, milk, dried fruit, bananas, peanut butter, honey, bread, pasta dinner [pasta, cheese & salt], trail mix)
  • water bottles, filter?
  • light, batteries? and/or candle lantern
  • battery backup, solar charger?
  • iphone (== camera, books, games, GPS, flashlight)
  • toilet paper, wipes
  • ziploc bags
  • $$
  • credit card
  • bike lock & key
  • bike lights
  • rain poncho
  • pump, tube?, patch kit?
  • aspirin, peppermint oil, daily meds
  • camp towel
  • toothbrush
  • lip gloss
  • sun hat
  • wool socks
  • one full change dry clothes
  • camp shoes?
  • jacket

What (+/-) would you pack? (Edited to add: adjusting list as you comment, thank you! Yay, crowd-sourcing.)
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 08:39am on 28/11/2013
*Still* one of the best shows on TV right now.

Was just meta-admiring the scene : white woman commander, black woman detective, Latina prosecutor -- technically failing the Bechdel test, because victim is male. Gay pathologist comes out into the hallway, looks at trio in their matching scrubs & face masks, awaiting him, arms folded. Says, "What is this, Charlie's Angels?" Lol.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 06:20pm on 27/11/2013
Browsing Sephora. Femme heaven. (I'd shop Ulta if I lived near one -- closest is Edgewater. Though I just might have to visit. Pick-your-own Stila lip glaze trio!!?)

When I started out (thank you, Eleanor Caine), state of the art was Max Factor Pan-Stik, Maybelline Ultra-shadow & Great lash mascara, Bonne Belle lip smackers. We smelled of Charlie and Halston. How far we've come. *pets case of Nars eye pencils, Stila lip glazes...* *admires blue nails*
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Courtesy NY1, sweet potato biscuits:

1 cup cool mashed sweet potato
1 cup milk
1 large egg
2 T sugar (preferably brown)

3.5 cups flour
2 Tbl. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup butter, cubed

cut butter into dry ingredients, whisk wet ingredients; fold together. knead. roll out on floured surface to 9x13. cut into squares (12), bake at 400 deg. F. 15-20 min.
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Adapted by boy from "Baking Illustrated".

baking pan at 425 deg F.

120 g (1 cup) yellow cornmeal
120 g (1 cup) all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
4 tsp. (Tbl.?) sugar
1/2 tsp. salt

[whisk together, form a well]

1/2 cup melted butter
2 lg. eggs
1 1/2 cups milk


bake 25 min.

addins: frozen corn, honey, cheddar, chiles.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 05:51pm on 06/11/2013
Dear Community Board 7 members,

Please vote in favor of the DOT’s plan for a protected bike lane on Amsterdam Ave. from 59th St. to 110th St. I live on 106th St., off Amsterdam. I work on W. 29th St., near 7th Ave. I commute to work via the new Columbus Ave. & then the 9th Ave. bike lanes.

*THANK YOU* for approving the Columbus Ave. lane last February. I have used it since it opened this summer. It cut 15 minutes from my commute, which is now *much* (much much MUCH) more pleasant, less stressful, and safer.

I commute home via the 8th Ave. bike lane, around Columbus Circle, and up Broadway. If there were a protected Amsterdam Ave. bike lane, I would cycle over to it and ride it all the way home, to avoid having to travel through Columbus Circle with the taxis & buses & delivery trucks & cars.

I commute throughout the winter, rain, sleet or snow (once the plows have come through). I also do the family shopping and errand running on my commute, or on evening and weekends by bicycle. I shop along the bike lanes. When all I have to watch out for along the block are pedestrians, dogs & other bikers, I can window-shop at the same time, and stop when something catches my eye. I’d shop more on Broadway if I didn’t have to worry about being crushed by the M104 as I cycle home.

I’ve shopped at Columbus Sq. several times a week since the Columbus Ave. bike lane opened — for items which before I would instead order online or shop downtown (for lighter items). Opening up Amsterdam Ave. for safe, slow biking will direct my business to the merchants that line it.

Finally, as a mom, with a kid who walks back and forth to karate class crossing Amsterdam Ave., I look forward the pedestrian safety island that comes with the lane. Enough of our kids have died this year. Let’s put an end to it. Thank you.

Off to the meeting, to say the above. Wish us luck!
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Dear The Ellington,

Sous chefs, chefs, and manager,

Two nights ago I dined in your establishment. This morning, my mouth lining, tongue and gums still hurt.

You sabotaged my meal, swapping in your housemade chicken wing Chipotle BBQ sauce for the entree's advertised Rosemary BBQ glaze. When I, after an extended and agonizing interval of attempting to attract anyone's attention -- bartender, busboy or fellow waitress (waiter having disappeared on mysterious waiter errand after my first bite) -- finally managed to alert you to the problem and request first aid in the form of emergency bread & butter & a glass of milk, you & your entire staff failed me.

When a customer says, "this dish is unacceptably spicy, please take it away & bring me EMERGENCY bread & butter & a glass of milk," please just bring them the bread and butter and milk. Stopping to slice and toast it first, however admittedly delicious, is NOT HELPING remove the pepper oils that have been eating away at my delicate mouth tissues for at least 20 minutes by now.

I resorted to licking salt off my palm, a useful tip I wish had been shared by my dining companion earlier in the interval, though I daresay neither of us expected so long a delay.

However gracious your offer, "please come back so you can taste the pork shanks made properly," I do hope you can understand that there is a certain level of trust between diner and kitchen -- that you will serve me the advertised and/or requested ingredients and that the dish as served will be fit for consumption -- that has been broken in this interaction.

Although you are indeed the closest restaurant to my residence, and seem otherwise most congenial, which should generally be enough to comprise my favorite restaurant -- says this long term Meridiana diner -- I fear you must instead list last in dining destinations whose doors I might ever consider darkening again.

Yours in helpfulness,

A disappointed foodie.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 12:06pm on 22/10/2013
Anyone have bed space for a pig this weekend in Columbus?

For Reasons[tm], I am going to OVFF to work registration. I have managed to score a plane ticket and a staff badge, but not yet somewhere to sleep. Room share, anybody? I toss and turn (cot?) but do not noticeably snore.


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