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piglet ([personal profile] piglet) wrote2015-02-01 08:59 pm

Jacob's Pickles

Restaurant review: A.

Biscuits recommended. I never do that. Focaccia-like buttery crumbly slabs with a gentle crust. Maple butter and honey, tops.

Deviled eggs clean & light, with a deft crunch (mustard grains in honey?), whipped yolk, easy on the additive. No picture because WE ATED IT!!

Stellar lemonade -- mostly lemon, not too sweet, not oily or bitter. Re-ordered!

Special! Pumpkin chocolate chip biscuit French toast. A+. Fresh chunks sautéed sweet pumpkin over chocolate chip infused biscuit toast. Texturally perfect.

Shrimp and bacon grits. D-. Mushy, bland grits. Burned bacon & shrimp. Generic spiced grill rub. Heads (ugh!) and tails left on to shrimp in grits, yuk.

Service was TERRIBLE! We got paged to come back for our table, at the promised hour. On arrival, were told, oops, sorry, please wait. Multiple other tables seated before they finally found a spot for us, another 20? minutes later. Watched the table next to us order. She requested the pancakes. "Chicken and pancakes?" asked the waitress. "No, the banana pancakes special." "Ok." *wait* Busboy brings chicken & pancakes. On being told that's not what she ordered, he takes it away. *wait* *wait* *wait* *wait* *wait* As we left, the dining partner was getting up to go make a fuss on her behalf.

Jacob's Pickles, 509 Amsterdam (at 85th St.), Manhattan. Recommended! Will return. (Don't get the shrimp & grits!!! Expect errors.)