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piglet ([personal profile] piglet) wrote2014-07-08 01:10 pm


Ok, this has been super-weird and outside of my experience entirely, so I turn to you, my friends, to crowd-source hypotheses & remedies.

This weekend, I had a MASSIVE attack of vertigo. My first. Please goddess, my last. WHY!?!?

Top theory is dehydration. It's the first thing everyone said to me, and is also what Mr. Google thinks is the prime cause.

Sequence of events:

Super-long bike ride on Saturday. 40 miles? With a lunch break and several drink pauses. Plenty of water, lemonade & a cafe latte over lunch. Saturday night, slept in Mr. X's bed instead of mine (the whole reason for the Saturday bike ride was the excruciating pain my own bed threw me into Friday night, the first night back from 10 days cabin-camping [with a/c, ha ha!] in the semi-tropics of SC). Shortly after I lay down, my head started spinning. Like WHOA. I figured I was tired & would sleep it off.

However, in the morning, I couldn't walk straight. I could barely make it down the hallway (yay, narrow hallways with supportive walls!), and almost fell over trying to pee. Spent all of Sunday slamming water & watery fruits and salt & protein. By Sunday evening, I was down to a positional vertigo (new term I just learned from [personal profile] annaoj), with mild spinning when I tried to walk, and the world going WHEE! when I looked down or up or tilted my head. I added a sloping pillow to the bed I was in, to keep my head elevated (I *SWEAR* the head of that bed is lower than the foot).

Monday morning, same feeling. I took the subway in to work instead of biking because I was afraid I might fall over, and felt super precarious going downstairs & walking along the platform. After work Monday, I found the bike I thought I'd lost (forgot where I parked it, lol), and rode home because I was less vertiginous (no, wait, that word doesn't mean that.... um?) and biking seemed safe.

Middle of the night, I awoke with intestinal cramps & pain. Pooped out EVERYTHING, with massive amounts of liquidity (presumably All That Water?). While sitting there, was also flooded with MASSIVE SWEAT! As in, I have NEVER SWEATED THAT MUCH IN MY LIFE!! Pools, streams, dripping all over. Had to grab a towel & mop myself as I sat there because OMG All The Sweat. Showered.

No more vertigo. Not even a little bit.

So. What the Fuck!??! Any ideas? Has this happened to you? How long did it last, what triggered it, and what, if anything, made it go away? Do you get dehydrated? What does dehydration feel like? Anything else spring to mind? GEEK ANSWER SYNDROME PLEASE!! GAS ME, BABY!

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