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piglet ([personal profile] piglet) wrote2014-04-03 09:51 am

SO busted.

I honestly can't decide which story is funnier, so will tell both. Amplectere potestem 'et'!

Story 1:

This morning, my sister chatted me a pic (we'd been trying to figure out how to do that; I still haven't managed it in my app). Of her wearing a LOVELY bracelet. I was much struck by its beauty and chatted back "How pretty." "Handmade from silver wire by a masterworker." "Impressive."

An hour later, I realize -- I fucking made that bracelet for her. *dies of LOL* *scrolls back through chat conversation* *DIES OF LOL*

Yes, this is EXACTLY like when I'm reading an old Usenet post, marveling at the writer's insight & wording.... and then read my .sig. Narcissus much? LOL.

Story 2:

Monday morning, in the course of shopping for new rainboots (embarrassing social failure story embedded there -- canceled theatre plans on Saturday with friends from out of town ... because I couldn't keep my feet dry), I bought the tote for which I've been obsessively shopping for weeks. Drop handles, open top, zippered center compartment for airbook. Carrying it on the subway this morning for the first time (home for Reasons, and back home again now because still sick), I look across the aisle, and spot *4* open-topped totes with drop handles, similar size & construction. It's the Michael Kors bag that EVERYONE is carrying. I LOL at the sudden rush of OMG I succumbed to peer pressure that I didn't even know was there! I look like everyone else! I look up and down the car, and, sure enough, this is THE bag.

So, we arrive at school for drop-off, a bit early, and are hanging out with some other parents near the classroom door. I notice a fellow mom's open-topped, drop-handle tote, and start laughing. Explain why, up to the punch line of "I succumbed to peer pressure I didn't even realize was there!"

At which point I am SO busted by another mom. Who points out, "Oh, but no, it's okay -- yours is flowered."

*falls over and DIES* because omg she is SO right. THE tote is color-blocked, single-color, or MK monogrammed. I did all that obsessive shopping & Internet browsing for weeks because I was determined to find a spring-flowered version of this tote. Outlier! And notice how she was reassuring me? OMG, busted.

P.S. Thank you, Nine West and DSW, for saving me from myself! $50 for a flowered tote & pouch is WAY better than the $400 models I was drooling over. http://www.dsw.com/shoe/nine+west+floral+tote?prodId=302920

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