piglet: my high school graduation head shot, all airbrushed and shit, with My First Haircut (feathered bangs, shoulder-length) (1980)
piglet ([personal profile] piglet) wrote2013-11-27 06:20 pm

state of the art

Browsing Sephora. Femme heaven. (I'd shop Ulta if I lived near one -- closest is Edgewater. Though I just might have to visit. Pick-your-own Stila lip glaze trio!!?)

When I started out (thank you, Eleanor Caine), state of the art was Max Factor Pan-Stik, Maybelline Ultra-shadow & Great lash mascara, Bonne Belle lip smackers. We smelled of Charlie and Halston. How far we've come. *pets case of Nars eye pencils, Stila lip glazes...* *admires blue nails*

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