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piglet ([personal profile] piglet) wrote2013-11-06 05:51 pm

In favor of the Amsterdam Ave. bike lane...

Dear Community Board 7 members,

Please vote in favor of the DOT’s plan for a protected bike lane on Amsterdam Ave. from 59th St. to 110th St. I live on 106th St., off Amsterdam. I work on W. 29th St., near 7th Ave. I commute to work via the new Columbus Ave. & then the 9th Ave. bike lanes.

*THANK YOU* for approving the Columbus Ave. lane last February. I have used it since it opened this summer. It cut 15 minutes from my commute, which is now *much* (much much MUCH) more pleasant, less stressful, and safer.

I commute home via the 8th Ave. bike lane, around Columbus Circle, and up Broadway. If there were a protected Amsterdam Ave. bike lane, I would cycle over to it and ride it all the way home, to avoid having to travel through Columbus Circle with the taxis & buses & delivery trucks & cars.

I commute throughout the winter, rain, sleet or snow (once the plows have come through). I also do the family shopping and errand running on my commute, or on evening and weekends by bicycle. I shop along the bike lanes. When all I have to watch out for along the block are pedestrians, dogs & other bikers, I can window-shop at the same time, and stop when something catches my eye. I’d shop more on Broadway if I didn’t have to worry about being crushed by the M104 as I cycle home.

I’ve shopped at Columbus Sq. several times a week since the Columbus Ave. bike lane opened — for items which before I would instead order online or shop downtown (for lighter items). Opening up Amsterdam Ave. for safe, slow biking will direct my business to the merchants that line it.

Finally, as a mom, with a kid who walks back and forth to karate class crossing Amsterdam Ave., I look forward the pedestrian safety island that comes with the lane. Enough of our kids have died this year. Let’s put an end to it. Thank you.

Off to the meeting, to say the above. Wish us luck!

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