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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 10:57am on 01/10/2013
Do you rely on SNAP or WIC? Are you worried about feeding yourself or your family during the shutdown? Comment (screened) here or email me if you need help....
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 10:46am on 01/10/2013
Oh, man, I want a do-over for today. Awake at 5am, melted down crying for no obvious reason. Hectored sprog for being slow to climb the school stairs (what is WRONG with ME!??!), starting his day off with a bang.

Have just heard that a dear friend's biopsy came back positive (i.e., bad news).

Alrighty then -- instead of wallowing, Imma go vote for Tish James, Public Advocate for the City of NY.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 04:16pm on 19/09/2013
LOL. My lack of Internet the last 2 days was an (accidental) unplugging. Well, a deliberate unplugging followed by an accidental lack of re-plugging. Hello, world! Nice to see you again...
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 01:17pm on 16/09/2013
I can almost never think of anything I want (except YARRRRRN - and now fabric too!) when people ask me for suggestions. But, for a change, I WANT THINGS! So am writing some of them down here while I am thinking of them so I can remember them next month when I am asked....

  • a coffee cup that fits my holder (standard coffee size!) and doesn't slosh coffee on my hand / clothes / bike / bags, nor leap from the holder and dash itself into traffic when empty
  • bluetooth, in-ear single headset *that also streams music*... and is sweat-proof
  • voice dictation software recommendations or How To Get Siri To Fucking Work For Me
  • Go Pro (or other) bike-mounted camera
  • a rain skirt
  • rain shoes
  • yarrrrrrrrrrn
  • a living wage
  • world peace
  • universal health care (incl. abortion on request)
  • child care
  • access to heathy food
  • profit?

Things I do not want:

  • a pony

Too much cleanup!!

What about you? What are you jonesing for?
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 01:13pm on 16/09/2013
Garbage truck making an illegal left from Pike onto Henry took out a plastic barrier pole without even blinking. If I'd been further forward in the bike lane at the red light? That would've been me being crushed. Holy shit.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 06:54pm on 15/09/2013
Leopard pants, done. Ready to wear. *falls over*

(Tonight was trim, iron & hem, re-string & sew elastic, sew up casing. Voila!)
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 02:57pm on 14/09/2013
Where have all the hairy-legged women gone??!
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 06:06pm on 12/09/2013
So! grateful that this afternoon's full Marilyn (coming down stairs towards a downtown express train) wasn't a full Monty. Yay, bike shorts!

The Raven (on Steam) is duller than anticipated. I keep slogging on because I've put in this much time already, but, dang, would it kill you to put in more puzzles? Less pixel hunting? Brighten the graphics? Can't see for shit.

Have just reached a point where my perspective changes, and time flashes back. To the beginning. Hunter becomes hunted. Despair. That I"m not nearly done. Maybe this guy will walk faster? (He sure doesn't talk any faster.)

NYC primaries went well, from what returns I've seen. Are you happy? I'm loving the smackdown[tm]. Must remember to get out and vote in the (probable) runoff for Tish James as Public Advocate, Oct. 1st. Vote vote vote! Smackdown!
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 09:59am on 12/09/2013
Today, it's the brake cable on the boy's bike that has been snapped. Brake pad still there, but connector dangling. I do not get it. Why is someone that anti-social? Which would be worse -- passing stranger snapping the brake cables on bikes they'll never see crash, or a neighbor snapping the cables and hoping to see the outcome? Which is more sociopathic?

Other Bad[tm] parts of the morning included peeing on myself, being snubbed in the elevator by a fellow parent (for 6 floors!), several close encounters of the convertible-in-a-hurry through midtown nature, realizing I've run out of pills!, having to unbury my bike from a solid wall of trash bags -- including one in my basket!!?!?

Good[tm] parts included waking up to a singing boy, dog kisses, getting a seat on the downtown 2, saying hello to a fellow parent of whom I am quite fond, morning conversations with traffic safety & construction workers, roses along the greenway, singing rounds up 8th Ave.
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posted by [personal profile] piglet at 07:40pm on 10/09/2013
Yesterday morning, I come out to find a brake pad stolen. One brake pad. Stolen off the front wheel of my bicycle. ... WHY!!?!? Why one brake pad? Were they going for the front wheel, and quit when they noticed the chain? Did they need brake pads? Did they notice the poor state of the first pad after removing it and then decline to put the effort into stealing the second, fairly worthless, pad? (WHY didn't my mechanic replace these brake pads on my last tune-up?) Has that life insurance policy kicked in already? Am I starring in a Law & Order episode?

Blessedly, the owner of Innovation bike shop was just unlocking, and took pity on my broken-down state, swapping in a new set before he'd even had a chance to step out of his bike shoes, a good half hour before opening. (THANK YOU, kind sir!!)

FINALLY! scored a pair of VibramFiveFinger Alitza's -- and LOVING them. Easily my comfiest shoes ever. Even with the hot spot rubbed onto the back of my heel. I shouldn't have hit such a blistering (ha ha!) pace within 5 minutes of putting them on my feet. Cf., "comfiest ever". Dang. I may need more.

Voted. Chuffed to see the mechanical lever ballot boxes! I thought them gone forever. Love them so. (I am spoiled by being in a district where they work reliably.) How soon 'til the results? I was told the reason for falling back to the levers is that there might be a re-count -- which you can't with our optically scanned ballots. Polls close at 9pm...

Making General Tso's tofu. And asparagus / carrot / yellow pepper / onion / snow pea! Mmm. Rice done -- so easy in my heart pot! I love this thing. *Nothing* sticks to it. Not rice, not oatmeal, not cheese sauce, *NOTHING*. Amazing.


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