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I have a mind like a steel sieve -- it traps all the wrong things, and lets the good stuff wash on through. For instance, I am never forget the baby blanket I made for A's daughter L, which serves as a chair pad for me, because, um, well, washing & blocking turned into accidental fulling. Or the red lace (feather-and-fan) hat and scarf I made for R(ED)... that the Post Offal lost. And then there's yesterday's story, LOL.

Aside from my infant-level of object permanence awareness, you just never know what will touch a person. I've been meaning to send a(nother) thank-you note -- an anniversary thank-you note -- to one of my mother's dear friends, with a photo of the tea caddy she gave me at high school graduation. Which I still use for my favorite tea, and which brings back memories of her & home & her kids &&&& every time I see it / touch it / use it.

So, here I am to ask -- have I made you something? Do you still have it? Do you like it? Can you post a picture of it in my comments here <needy>(so I can be reminded in the 4-am barometric-pressure-crashing hours that I don't completely & entirely suck as an artist & a friend & a generally sort of decent human being)</needy>?
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I have always appreciated very much that you made me a video copy of the Buffy musical. :)
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You made me a beautiful beautiful database. Also amazing dishcloths that now I wonder where the hell the juggler put them because the ones I'm using now are store bought and suck.

What you made me

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I have two lovely hats.

But mostly, I have wash cloths, and wash cloths, and wash cloths. And I LOVE my wash cloths. People want to steal them from me, but I use them and use them and use them. I LOVE THEM.

Did I mention that I LOVE my wash cloths?
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You brought me a bag of baby clothes and went with me to try to get aftercare when I had just given birth to elderMonkey. I remain so grateful for that.
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I remember your great kindness in untangling a skein of yarn that I'd managed to get into an unholy mess while at a beach house. I think both you and Lorre worked on it. It was an absolutely lovely gift of time and patience, when mine had utterly deserted me.
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You made me THE INTERNETS, both in the sense that you helped make Usenet what it was when I loved it so, and that you made my current mode of access of the internets-as-I-use-it-today.

You also made me NEW YORK CITY in my only experience of it. :)
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Now I want to hear which mode of internet access Piglet made. (I may have known the answer to this in the deep past darkness of my brain's memory, but tell?)
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Well, it's part of her job. And also when she was here she set up my phone so I could look at my email account on it.
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These tatted pretties live on my dresser. I think you made them at an AP? ♥

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Yay! IIRC I made matching hats for you and Mr X.

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Handcrafts aside, the most special (tangible) gift I ever received was from you. It was a small hematite stone with the Chinese character for "faith" etched into it. Aside from the fact that faith is important to me and we had had some Usenet disagreements about it, it boggled me that you either remembered or researched that hematite is my favorite semi-precious stone. (Or maybe it was dumb luck; I wasn't sure it would be polite to ask.) I kept that stone in my wallet for years to remind me that I was understood and valued by someone who is more than a "generally sort of decent human being".

Then there is the following indoor winter hat and fingerless mittens you made for me (in my color) so that I could turn down my thermostat but still be warm and fashionable and able to type. I regret to report that fingerless mittens for indoor use will not be the next eco-friendly craze to sweep the nation, but I still wear the hat quite a bit and OMG all knitting is magic.

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Sorry this took so long! I have a similar mind. Sieve-y as all get out. My beloved bracelet
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The part that really got me at the time was how personal the charms were. Maybe especially the heart that is engraved "poet" on one side and "rebel" on the other.